Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreasrate [5] 

The ghetto adventures of Carl Johnson (CJ) have come to an end. Order has been restored, and Grove Street is back on the map. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was the most entertaining game I've played in a while. Entertaining, but time consuming!

Time can pass quickly when you in San Andreas, you'll tell yourself, just one more gang war, drive by or 'cup of coffee' with your 'ho, then before you know it, it's 12.30am and you have to be at work tomorrow busting your ass in the real world. There is enough in GTA:San Andreas to keep you engrossed for a very long time. Gameplay wise, the missions are not all that difficult, but there is a lot of them! You can pimp out CJ's look (my favourite blonde cornrows rate very highly with the ladies!), work out at the gym and go to flight school. The attention to detail is very impressive.

The games story is gangsta makes good. Setting wise, it reminds me of 'Boyz in da hood'. Music and sound is excellent. Graphics are top notch. It's hard to talk about San Andreas without giving away plot details (which are half the fun of the game), so I won't say much more.
A couple of tips. The first is with CJ's relationship with the ladies. Spending time wit da ho's is a great way to pick up extra items and bonuses (and I aint talking bout syphillus here fellas). For example, dating the police woman until you reach the 100% mark earns you the right to retain weapons whenever your arrested. Very handy.

Speaking of weapons, the good old AK47 takes a lot of beating in this game. It's reliable and lets you pick off opposition gang members before they make it close enough to you to open fire. This is really useful when your on enemy turf trying to take over someone elses hood.
Not for young children or those easily offended, but great fun!

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