Swollen Pickles Keyword Statistics for September 2006

Some interesting statistics for the past month. I love reading the freaky keywords/phrases people have searched for on Google to get to my site. For September the big one was Suri's Stool. Apparently the poop of celebrity offspring is big business if my stats are anything to go by. The amount of variations on the same poop theme are mind blowing! The general public loves poop. I better not mention poop again or else all the google adsense ads on this site will start to show up poo related products and services again!

Another big mover and shaker this month was My Chemical Romance. Based on the search results there is a lot of interest in the new album. Personally I'll be heading to the cd store on the weekend and picking up a copy.

Screech's sex tape was another heavy hitter in September, even though I only posted about that toward the end of September there seems to be a lot of sick freaks out there interested in it! Scary!

So there you have it. In September the survival of this website depended on the three necessities in life, poo, music and celebrity pornography.

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