Ian Thorpe’s retirement and why we shouldn’t forget

The big sports news in the past week or so has been Ian Thorpe's retirement from swimming. Undoubtedly one of the greatest swimmers and sportsmen Australia has produced, the Thorpedo dominating his sport, breaking world records and winning gold medals. For that he'll always be remembered as one of the greats. Unfortunately, he does have one blemish on his permanent record.

That blemish is 'Undercover Angels'. Hitting Australian TV in 2002, 'Undercover Angels' was a shambolic, short lived (11 episodes apparently), reality TV series that ripped off 'Charlies Angels'. The Thorpedo played 'Charlie' to three D Grade female celebs, who he sent out to do good deeds (eg. redecorating a house). Sydney Morning Herald television critic Ruth Ritchie declaring it "the worst show in the history of the world". 'Undercover Angels' even spawned a spew worthy soundtrack, which can probably be picked up for $1.99 from the JB Hi-Fi bargain bin today.

So whilst all the headlines and news stories focus on the Thorpedo's world domination of swimming, media outlets seem to have chosen to sweep his past indiscretion under the rug. Shame shame shame. I will not forget 'Undercover Angels', and neither should you. Speaking of headlines, it seems that the Cairns Post has put a different spin on the Thorpedo's retirement. For some reason, I find this headline absolutely hilarious.

Thorpedo Headline












Probably not how I would prefer to be remembered, but anyway...

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2 Responses to “Ian Thorpe’s retirement and why we shouldn’t forget”

  1. Wormbrain says:

    That IS a funny headline. From the spacing of the words it feels as if there should be a comma after “tosses”

  2. swollenpickles says:

    Just waiting for the towel to go on sale on ebay now!

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