Fantasy football season starting soon

Do people often tell you that your living in a fantasy land? If the answer is yes, then Fantasy Football is probably for you. By football, I'm not talking Aussie rules. This is American style NFL stuff. Granted, I know nothing about NFL, besides what I've picked up from watching Jerry Maguire, so chances are I will suck at Fantasy Football, but looking at the potential prize money on offer it could be worth a shot. If your a sports nerd it's worth looking into. It's almost the Dungeons and Dragons of sports if you ask me, although it is missing a 12 sided die. Last year they had over 600 teams enter, this year the owners of the site are projecting that figure to triple. Fantasy land has never been more popular!

Since I don't know the difference between running backs, wide receivers, or tight ends (do those terms sound vaguely sexual to anyone or is it just me?) I'm going to have to hand over this opportunity to someone that knows what they are doing. If you sign up, good luck to you. If you win, remember who hooked you up and send me some green! :)

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