Who stole Michael’s goat?

Well, the PayPerPost war is heating up. Actually, until 5 mins ago I didn't even realise there was a war going on. Anyway, PayPerPost are offering bloggers like myself cold hard cash to voice their opinions about a TechCrunch story posted by a dude called Mike. Well I've read Mike's post, and I could sure as hell do with the cash, so what follows is my take on the 'issue'.

First impressions, Mikey seems a little miffed at Ted, the PayPerPost guy. The obvious question has to be asked, has Ted slept with Mike's wife? I'm not too sure what else Ted could have done to tick off this Mike guy so much? Maybe Mike is miffed that Ted came up with the idea before he did?

The one thing that Mike did say, that I somewhat agreed with, is that the rockstartup.com site does have some similarities with the Startup.com documentary that was released a few years ago. But really, I don't think it's worth getting that worked up about.

I'm sure this is generating a great deal of publicity for both parties, so it's probably a win win situation. All in all, I'd like to thank Mike for making this such a 'huge' issue, and in turn, I'd like to thank Ted for paying me to talk about it.

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