Borat (Film Review)

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If you watch the Borat movie, then chances are you will either wet your pants laughing or walk out highly offended. Fortunately for Borat, I nearly wet my pants.

The basic premise is that Borat, a reporter for a Khazakistan TV network, is sent to the US to film a documentary about what makes the US such a 'great' country. As part of the process he interviews a number of different people in order to get an insight into the US way of life. He takes lessons on humour, driving and etiquette. Along the way, Borat gets a little side tracked, after watching re-runs of Baywatch he becomes infatuated with Pamela Anderson, embarking on a road trip to California in the hope of asking her to marry him.

boratThere are some hilarious moments, as well as some truly cringe worthy scenes. One scene, that will stick in my memory for a very long time, results in Borat recounting later that, "my moustache still tastes of your testes!".

One of my favourite quotes comes when Borat is interviewing a Republican Candidate, Borat recounts a recent experience he has had with two men he met at a parade (which as it turns out, was a gay pride march). When the Republican guy indicates that the two men Borat has entertained may have been members of the gay community, Borat asks quizzically, "You telling me the man who try to put rubber fist in my anus [pronounced anoose] was a homosexual?". The look on his face is priceless.

Although I have read that director Larry Charles claims that the whole film was real, walking out of the cinema, I did have to wonder how much was real, and how much was scripted. The number of law suits filed against the film suggest a great deal of it was in fact real. This is from the Internet Movie Database:

Residents of a Romanian village sued filmmakers for $30 million claiming they were misled into thinking they were participating in a documentary about Romanian poverty. A pair of fraternity brothers from the University of South Carolina filed a lawsuit claiming they were also duped. And Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred filed an investigation about how the consent of the film's etiquette coach was obtained.

All in all, if your easily offended, give Borat a miss, if not check it out and have a laugh.

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