The Explorer Destroyer Project/Protest

Explorer DestroyerIn a move that may really annoy 90% of Swollen Pickles visitors, I've decided to join the Explorer Destroyer project, or protest, depending on how you choose to look at it.

The Explorer Destroyer is a project I read about in a forum, and is designed to return so equality to the world wide web. The concept itself is simple, you install a script that autodetects Internet Explorer (IE), which then displays a screen that is only shown to IE users encouraging them to switch to Firefox.

Firefox is a far better browser for a whole host of reasons, but then, if your reading this then you probably already know that! A quote at the bottom of the Kill Bill's Browser page probably sums up the reason to switch to Firefox best:

"It's like switching from a lock that you can break into with a credit card to a deadbolt."

At this stage I intend to trial Level 2 of the Explorer Destroyer project for one week and re-evaluate thing after that. This should be an interesting experiment.

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2 Responses to “The Explorer Destroyer Project/Protest”

  1. Wormbrain says:

    I’m all for using Firefox and have it on my machines at home. But, on my machine at work, it’s IE and IE only. Arguing with the “tech” guy about this has gotten nowhere.

    Normally I would fully endorse your Explorer Destroyer project, but I cannot in this case, since I HAVE TO use IE.
    Plus it pops up before EVERY single page of Swollen Pickles..

  2. swollenpickles says:

    I hear you WormBrain, I’m thinking I may step it back to the less invasive level 1.

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