Explorer DestroyerIn a move that may really annoy 90% of Swollen Pickles visitors, I've decided to join the Explorer Destroyer project, or protest, depending on how you choose to look at it.

The Explorer Destroyer is a project I read about in a forum, and is designed to return so equality to the world wide web. The concept itself is simple, you install a script that autodetects Internet Explorer (IE), which then displays a screen that is only shown to IE users encouraging them to switch to Firefox.

Firefox is a far better browser for a whole host of reasons, but then, if your reading this then you probably already know that! A quote at the bottom of the Kill Bill's Browser page probably sums up the reason to switch to Firefox best:

"It's like switching from a lock that you can break into with a credit card to a deadbolt."

At this stage I intend to trial Level 2 of the Explorer Destroyer project for one week and re-evaluate thing after that. This should be an interesting experiment.