PayPerPost, arguably the best source of blog ads on the net, have just started a new referral program that means that visitors to this site can profit. It's pretty simple, all you have to do click the 'get paid to review my post' button at the bottom of a post, sign on to PayPerPost (which is free to join). Once PayPerPost approve you they'll create a paid post opportunity for you to review one of my posts, you then write a review of any post on Swollen Pickles and post that review on your own blog. So there you go getting cracking.

Edit: Just to clarify, I've had a couple of questions regard this oppurtunity, so here is a basic summary of how the PayPerPost "Review My Post" referral program works:
1) Read a blog/post that interests you and then click of the PayPerPost "Review my Post" buttons
2) After clicking the button, follow the instructions to register (at no cost) and get you (and your own blog) approved
3) Post a review on your blog about the post you selected on Swollen Pickles
4) PayPerPost will then pay you money for your effort (someone that's taken this opportunity informs me the going rate is $7.50)

Once you've joined PayPerPost you can take up other paid post oppurtunities and start earning easy money from your blog. What this "review my post" referral program does is provide readers with a quick and easy first up paid post opportunity. Simple huh?