Deadpool is the forgotten super hero

Bean Bag Boy and I have recently undertaken a mission to save the world from the "Masters of Evil". Yup, we've been kickin' it nerd style playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance on the Xbox. It's not a bad game, a little like the hack and slash games like Boulders Gate: Dark Alliance.

You can play as your favourite character from the Marvel universe, or the good guys anyway. All the usual suspects are there, like Wolverine, Spiderman, and Captain America. One of my favourites is the under rated and often forgotten Deadpool.

DeadpoolI'm here to give Deadpool some of the positive publicity he deserves! So who is Deadpool?

Well, according to the Marvel mythology, Deadpool was a former special ops agent working for the government. He volunteered for the Weapon X program after finding out he had a terminal illness. Weapon X were supposed to alter his DNA to create a superhuman regenerative healing factor based on that of Wolverine's, and therefore reverse his terminal illness. During the experiments however, his illness interfered with the process in unexpected ways. Initially, the experiments were thought to be a failure, and Deadpool was left disfigured and mentally unstable.

After being written off by Weapon X as a failed experiment, Deadpool was sent to the "Workshop", the place where all the failed Weapon X experiments were sent to be used a guinea pigs for all sorts of things. Whilst in the Workshop Deadpool becomes part of a game called "the Deal Pool" (remember the Clint Eastwood movie?), in which inmates placed bets on who would die next. As a favourite of Dr Killebrew, Deadpool's odd of dying were very low. This qualified him as leader of the Dead Pool, which I'm guessing is how he got his name.

While in the Workshop, Deadpool (who is a little crazy already remember) begins to see 'Death'. Death is a woman, and Deadpool becomes infatuated with her, going out of his way to be killed, so he can be one with Death. He becomes an inspiration to the other inmates of the Workshop, and emerges as a threat to the status quo within the Workshop. Dr Killebrew orders that Deadpool be executed. It is his execution that activates his dormant superhuman healing factor. Unable to be killed, the realisation that he will be unable to be with Death at all drives Deadpool completely insane.

After escaping the Workshop with many other failed Weapon X experiments, Deadpool finds his calling as a mercenary and gun for hire. Initially he works for villains, putting him at odds with the good guys, including Wolverine, but as time passes he takes on a moral ambiguity.

What I like most about Deadpool is that he is a smart ass. He is also one of the only characters that shows an awareness of the fact that he is a comic book 'super hero'. As a character Deadpool is dark and a little unhinged, but not without a sense of humour. This is a character that has sought out the counsel of a deranged psychiatrist called Doctor Bong! He must have a sense of humour!

I doubt there will ever be a Deadpool movie made (but never say never!), however if one is made, I get the feeling he's too complex a character for a movie to do him justice. In other words, whoever produces it will have to work damn hard to make sure that it isn't rubbish!

So, there you go, Deadpool is cool mmmkay. Buy the Deadpool graphic novels... ahum... [comics]... and find out for yourself!

p.s I got a lot of this info from Wikipedia and the Marvel website.

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