Battle for your blogs

PayPerPost (PPP) are now offering me another incentive to increase traffic to Swollen Pickles. PPP have introduced a new segmentation system that is rewarding 'bloggers' with high traffic blogs.

What does this mean? Well, if you've got a blog that is getting a butt load of traffic, then you could be making up to $1000 (US) for a single sponsored post.

Clearly this makes PPP a very attractive proposition! If you have a blog and haven't signed up for free already, check the link in the top right of the side bar here.

But, what is better? PPP or ReviewMe?

Whilst I believe that ReviewMe is probably a viable option for high traffic "in demand" sites, it's not really all that profitable for the average geek. In my experience, I have no doubt that PPP is a far more attractive proposition for low to mid traffic blogs. This new segmentation system will mean that PPP can take a firmer grip on the high traffic blogs as well. A smart blog marketing move.

PPP charge a 35% service fee, compared to the 100% that ReviewMe charge. For example, if someone paid for a ReviewMe review on this site, it would cost that person $60. Of that $60, I would only receive $30.

The other key difference that I have found between PPP and ReviewMe, is that PPP has actually made me money! As of writing this I have earned $0 from ReviewMe. Over that same time period, I have almost reached the $500 US mark with PPP.

With PPP you can take up to three paid opportunities per day, giving you the option to make more on a regular basis.

PPP have also wisely adopted a disclosure model, meaning that some kind of disclosure statement is required for all paid posts (such as this one). In fact, PPP seem to have done a great deal to address the negative press they garnered in their infancy.

This isn't a high traffic blog, I average around 200 unique visits a day, but as traffic increases, I would expect my PPP earnings to increase also. In the mean time, PPP will continue to bring in a steady stream of revenue that will fund Swollen Pickles for some time to come.

So, from my point of view, PPP has been by far the better program for this blog.

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  1. apparently any links that are posted on here will render the post as spam and be censored. man, this is an uphill battle … how is blankshooting meant to get any publicity and rule the world that is uranus!

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