Prison Break Season Two

Just finished watching season two of Prison Break. Looking back, there was a damn lot of action in the second season, with the con's taking in exotic locations in the US, Canada, Mexico and Panama. The conspiracy was blown wide open, and a shadowy puppet master with a post-it note fetish was introduced. Holly Valance made a brief, yet highly welcome appearance in a couple of the early episodes. Michael and Sarah nearly got it on. Lincoln scowled but broke a smile toward the end of the season, only to finish it off by scowling again.

Then, just when you think it's all over, Schofield gets thrown back in the slammer. The only difference this time being that the Panama Prison he finds himself in makes Fox River look like the Hilton Hotel. Bellick, looking as though he may have faced the wall one too many times, and Agent Malone are also sharing the new accommodation. All very cosy.

To summarise, Season Two skipped along at a quicker pace than the first outing. There was action aplenty, higher body count, and a lot more intrigue. Now we only need to figure out what this mysterious "Sona" business is all about... but I guess I'll have to wait another 12 months for that!

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