Goal Update for April 2007

Ok, hard to believe almost two months have past since I committed myself to achieving a number of personal goals. I'm glad to report I made some progress in a couple of areas, although there are a couple where progress has been slow.

So here is the report on the results for April.

1. Develop Swollen Pickles into a website that can generate $200 per month.

Well in April I cracked the tonne for the very first time.

Revenue April 2007

The total for the month was $105.78. The breakdown by revenue source being:

  • Adsense: $22.97
  • PayPerPost: $78.50
  • Kontera: $4.31

Not exactly high roller figures but starting to pick up. I think to crack the $200 per month mark, I need to increase traffic to the site. Also think about coming up with a new layout that better incorporates Adsense.

2. Develop Swollen Pickles to the point where it receives 15,000 unique visits per month.

Traffic to the site hit 6088 unique visits for the month. A little disappointing, and only an increase of 138 unique visitors from the previous month. On the upside the last 10 days of April saw a sharp rise in traffic so hopefully that continues.

3. Develop digitalburn.org into a website that can generate $30 per month.

Haha, well I won't even bother posting the graph for this one! Last month this site raked in a mammoth $1.72. Revenue increased by over 500% ($6.19 total) this month!

4. Develop digitalburn.org to the point where it receives 7,500 unique visits per month.

You may remember last month was a little quiet with only 243 unique visitors. This month saw a steady increase finishing with 1,808 uniques for April.

5. Achieve my goal weight of 80kgs, which would give me a BMI within the “normal” range.

No significant change. Need an action plan. I've cut out crap food for lunch, replaced it with fruit salad. Need to increase the exercise.

6. Buy an Xbox 360 (yes I know, counterproductive to no.5, but I need one!).

Zero progress.

7. Write and record three new songs including lyrics and vocals.

Zero progress.

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