Nine Inch Nails played the Metro in Melbourne Sunday night, 13 May 2007. If you don't know, the Metro is a small "intimate" venue, probably best known in Melbourne as a hang out for drunken bogan's who want a dose of doof doof music. Sunday night, probably proves why the venue has such a reputation. I got a quick introduction to the Metro when before the show started I visited the mens room and nearly got urinated on by a drunk flannel wearing ass clown.

NIN hit the stage just before 10pm, playing "Somewhat Damaged" as the opener. In general, the set was made up of a lot more of the harder edged NIN tunes than the last time I saw them in 2005. Trent Reznor was in fine form, and Aaron North displayed the qualities that make him one of the more interested guitarists to watch live. Josh Freese confirmed his status as hardest hitting drummer in the world. The guy is truly a machine and a perfect fit for the NIN live band.

Four songs were played from the Year Zero album, which was not as many as I'd expected. Ruiner was probably the musical highlight for the night, as was The Beginning of the End. Somewhat Damaged caused the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up.

The band were tight, and the show was kicking. Then the roadies brought out a laptop, keyboard, and guitar type contraption out and I thought the band were going to launch into the Great Destroyer (not sure why I assumed that, I guess I thought the laptop/keyboard/guitar combo was the only thing capable of re-creating the chaos). In any case nothing eventuated. "That's what you get for trying to make music on computers," Trent joked.

Two songs later Trent's Parker Nitefly crapped out, so they played the "guitar free" remix of Only. When the keyboard came out and the start of Hurt was played, it was difficult to make out the opening notes due to a handful of drunk fricken ass hats yelling out stuff (most of which was unintelligible!). As the song continued, so did the "heckling". Into the second verse, Trent stopped, paused, and then... well... watch the video and you'll see what resulted.


So, Hurt was cut short, the band kicked into the Hand that Feeds, but at that stage I got the impression from the stage that they were just going through the motions. At the end of the song, Trent's guitar went skyward and he was off.

The show finished about 25 mins before it was scheduled to (according to the signs posted around the venue) which was kind of disappointing. The conclusion left me pissed off, disappointed and embarrassed. Why would someone spend $90 on a ticket only to start yelling crap during one of the bands more popular songs? The gig definitely didn't end on a high note, which is a shame, as it had been kicking along quite nicely up until then! It's probably for this reason alone, that I would rate the NIN show I saw in 2005 as a better show.

Here's the setlist:

The Metro, Melbourne, Australia (13 May 2007)
1. Somewhat Damaged
2. Know What You Are
3. Sin
4. March of the Pigs
5. Piggy
6. Burn
7. The Beginning of the End
8. Survivalism
9. Wish
10. Suck
11. Ruiner
12. Gave Up
13. The Good Soldier
14. Help Me I Am In Hell
15. Me I'm Not (didn't get played due to equipment malfunction)
16. The Frail
17. Only (Trent's guitar f@@ked up, so they played a "guitar free" remix)
18. Capital G
19. Hurt (Stopped in the second verse due to ass clown meat puppets yelling crap, see video above)
20. The Hand That Feeds