I am proud to announce that Swollen Pickles has now jumped aboard the "I Follow" movement. What is the "I Follow" movement all about? Well, I best let someone better equipped respond to that one:

Almost all blog platforms by default are set up so that a “dead end” piece of code is inserted wherever there is a link in a comment, so that search engines will not “count” the link as they are crawling the internet. This was originally designed to help stop comment spam, but it doesn’t work. What it does is remove some of the incentive for your readers contribute to your site by commenting on your posts.What can you do about it? Turn off “nofollow”. Show your commenters that you appreciate them. Spread the link love.

No the "I Follow" thing doesn't mean your opening the flood gates for comment SPAM. You can still leave all your moderation systems in place. All it does is reward those people who take the time to leave a genuine comment.

How can I get involved? Go download your "I Follow" badge and get aboard. If your running WordPress, download this plugin, and it does the hard work for you. If your on Blogger and you want to join the revolution, instructions on how to remove the no follow code from your blog can be found here.

Random link of the day: Villas in Italy