kumikoUnbeknown to most, there is an interesting and sordid little saga playing out in the "blog" world. In what could turn out to be the web version of "The Crying Game" Kumiko Suzuki, of Kumiko's Cash Quest and long time 'commenter' at johnchow.com, has had her integrity questioned, by another blogger, Ronald Daniar. Ronald has alleged that Kumiko has been passing herself off as someone she (or he??) is not. Ronald has suggested that the photos Kumiko has posted with the inference that they were of her, could all be fakes. Ronald seems to have called Kumiko out on this one, yet as of this second, Kumiko does not appear to have returned fire. Based on some of the comments on Paula Neal Mooney's 'Bloggers Salary" post, he's not the only one that has doubts. Here's an example from what sounds like a frustrated Mr Anonymous:

For the love of god, size down that Kumiko picture! It's bad enough having that guy who blogs as a Japanese girl on your list, and he certainly doesn't deserve such a giant picture!

Source: Paula Neal Mooney's Blog

Ronald has since reported that the Kumiko pictures have now disappeared from 'her' site, following his questioning. All very interesting.sp Whether Kumiko is the real deal or not remains to be seen, I guess the world awaits 'her' reply.

All this has raised an interesting question for me though. Would Swollen Pickles be more popular if I pretended to be hot?? Well luckily for me 'hotness' isn't an issue, as you can see from a recent profile photo taken of me last week.

If Kumiko does turn out to be a fake, you can guarantee that there'll be a whole lot of blogging nerds crying into their hot pockets!