5 tight ass ways to generate traffic for your referral link

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Here are a few ideas you can use to start driving traffic to your WidgetBucks referral links and begin generating your own network. Obviously, if you haven’t already signed up for your free WidgetBucks account, then you’ll need to do that first! Click here to register for you free WidgetBucks account.

1. I’ll start with the most obvious. If you have a blog, then blog about it! If nothing else, your friends and regulars may take pity on you and sign up. Wack a banner ad in your side bar.

2. Use that forum signature. If you’ve been a member of a forum for a while, wack your link in your signature. Guaranteed to get seen by a few people. Don’t just join forums for the purposes of leaving your link behind. Your referral link is not supposed to be your legacy!

3. Kindly ask people to post your link on their blogs or myspace pages. Tacky, yes. Effective… well maybe not.

4. Give traffic generating sites a go. Yes I know, generally these things are frowned upon, but in the case of trying to plug your referral link, then they are well worth a try. Avoid ‘auto surf’ sites, or any site where a user doesn’t need to be at their computer to earn credits! Most people that use auto surf sites turn their computer on and then go off to work or down the pub.

I prefer sites like TS25 and Traffic Pods because people have to at least view the site for a certain period of time before they can move onto the next one. The theory is that, if the referral page is appealing enough and does it’s job properly, you should get at least a few people looking more closely. In that respect True View Traffic is probably one of the best options, as you can specify a question that people must answer correctly before they can move on to the next site. I’d recommend that if you’re going to use this method, you get onOompa Loompa board very quickly, as it’s only a matter of time before these types of sites are inundated with referral links!

5. Employ a team of Oompa Loompas to conduct a door knock in your local area handing out cards with your referral link attached. People will no doubt appreciate the effort you have gone to and visit your link out of sympathy.

Why haven’t I mentioned any ‘paid’ options? Because paying for something is not the tight ass way no is it!

If you have any other free ideas, post them here. If they are good, I’ll add them to this post.

4 Comments on 5 tight ass ways to generate traffic for your referral link

  1. I agree that comments are a quick and cheap way of getting traffic, however, I’d be hesitant to include my referral link in any comments I left on other peoples blogs. Besides the fact that it would probably get removed as SPAM, I think I’d have to apply the “treat others the way you’d expect to be treated” rule. In other words I probably would appreciate people leaving referral link comments here, so I wouldn’t feel all that comfortable doing it to others.

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