The ongoing HP saga

Well, it has now been well over a week since my HP notebook was sent back for further repairs. Thankfully it's still under warranty. Today I had what could be a minor break through. The repairer will attempt one more fix, if that doesn't work, my notebook will officially be announced dead, or the distant cousin of some old school microwave ovens, and I'll,fingers crossed, receive a replacement.

This has really been an eye opening experience for me. I think I had built up a computer based addiction. I can also say that without a doubt, this has to have had a negative impact upon my whole 'goal' project. I'm guessing I'll be able to confirm this once the month ends.

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  1. My Mother purchased a new HP Desktop in January. Since that time she has had 30 + calls into HP Support (all for the same issue). They have re-imaged it at least twice and then finally 3 weeks ago they agreed to send the desktop in for repairs. They found that the memory was bad and replaced that. 2 weeks later she is again getting memory errors. She can not save anything; when she tries there is not enough room on the HD. There is over 200 GB free. So ensues several more phone calls to Support and starting all over because they can not locate her history. She has 30 of the call reference numbers but that does not help. At this point she does have a Case Manager; Oscar; he sometimes returns calls and emails sometimes not but eventually decides they will send it in again for repairs. At this point it is 7 months into her warranty; Oscar can not say what the next steps will be if the issue is not resolved the 2nd time. Also there is no one that this can be escalated to other than going to the Corporate Web Site.
    So off to the Corporate site I go. I call and get transferred to Customer Service. She points out that the warranty states it can be shipped in for repairs up to 3 times. OK at least we know where this might end but why would the Case Manger not tell me this? Per the Customer Service Rep; and believe me I quote:
    We don’t like to think ahead so there would be no way for him to tell you next steps.

    As I pick my jaw up off the floor I point out that she just told me the next step; her reply:

    No I did not; it is case by case and we don’t think ahead. If there is a Case Manager assigned there is nothing that can be done by calling the Corporate Office.

    Interesting, I would of thought the Corporate Office would have been a step up from Case Manager Oscar in Mexico. I stand corrected. And the fact that someone from a computer company would tell me that their policy is ” we don’t think ahead” may explain why their products have issues.
    A case is filed with the BBB; and I’m sure you won’t find this surprising; the Case Manager Oscar? He could care less. So the lemon gets shipped back again; I would like to “think head” to a positive outcome but since we are talking about an HP product that is not possible.
    I f anyone has any insight on where to go with this please let me know. My Mom is 68 and has gone above and beyond any reasonable expectations of troubleshooting. Sorry for the long rant.

  2. I sympathize with you. My laptop is currently working again, but I think I was lucky, after countless phone calls to HP I found a sympathetic ear. It did take a long time to get there though!
    I think part of their customer service strategy is to make it so frustrating that the customer will just eventually give up.
    In my case it sounded as though they replaced basically all the hardware beside the shell!
    All I can say is, my next notebook will not be a HP!

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