25 of the lowest ranked top 100 Australian blogs

I've noticed quite a few incoming links from the Australian blogging community as a result of the Top 100 Australian blogs index. With that in mind, I thought I'd take a look at those blogs ranked 75-100 (the underdog blogs), and give a 5-10 word overview. The rankings are from the 28th June. You might find some new stuff worth checking out (as might I!), and at the same time I can feel all warm and fuzzy about myself for repaying some of the link love that's come from the top 100.

75. http://www.gardeningtipsnideas.com/ - Gardening focus, nice adsense blending.
76. http://www.accure.com.au/carpark - Marketing and promotions, massive font size!
77. http://www.roadlesstravelled.com.au/ - Travel and current owner is on holidays.
78. http://swollenpickles.com - The dogs bollocks.
79. http://blogs.msdn.com/charles_sterling/ - About stuff I don't understand.
80. http://www.anecdote.com.au/ - A business of some sort.
81. http://acidlabs.org/ - Doesn't appear to be a blog, not sure how it qualifies?
82. http://www.thebargainqueen.org/ - Very pink
83. http://blog.eightblack.com/ - Business blog.
84. http://www.michaelvisser.com.au - Another internet marketing blog.
85. http://toolmantim.com - About a guy.
86. http://goldcoaster.wordpress.com/ - I really like this one, it's about random stuff!
87. http://www.business2.com.au/ - Real estate.
88. http://www.freedomtodiffer.com - I saw sidebars but no content, now that's different!
89. http://www.nickhodge.com/blog/ - Geek stuff.
90. http://adelaidegreenporridgecafe.blogspot.com/ - Random stuff from Adelaide.
91. http://vadirectory.net/blog/ - Business related, not for me.
92. http://www.skeptics.com.au/ - I'm always skeptical of skeptics.
93. http://kitta.net/ - Pretty looking, but font is hard to read and has the biggest header image I've ever seen.
94. http://www.miscmum.com/ - The header quotes Oprah... any questions?
95. http://thebreakfastblog.blogspot.com/ - This is beautiful, I was going to do something like this myself.
96. http://danwarne.com - Editor of APC magazine.
97. http://catallaxyfiles.com/ - Political and stuff. High brow.
98. http://www.thinkprospect.com.au/blog/ - Blog for a web design company.
99. http://nickcowie.com - More massive fonts. Orange.
100. http://westciv.typepad.com/dog_or_higher/ - Another geek blog.

Anyone find this posts title confusing?

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  1. Glad to see that you’re getting some traffic from the list & sharing it around.

    About a couple of the website you mentioned, the acid labs blog is at http://www.acidlabs.org/services/blog/, but for some reason the technorati rank has been moved to their home URL (I think they restructured).
    So to with freedom to differ http://www.freedomtodiffer.com/freedom_to_differ/ which has an unorthodox setup, but the Technorati links all point to the home URL. Would rather look for a work-around than exclude them altogether.

  2. Hmmm….yes. I’m thinking of doing a site redesign and am going to change Oprah to another quote which more or less says the same thing.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with Oprah….

    Thanks for sounding it out for the little guys.

  3. Thanks Meg. Technorati is a funny thing. I can’t say that I’ve been able to fully get my head around it yet.

  4. Thanks for the link love, Oh Swollen Pickle! It feels so good to be #1 on a list – even though it is the bottom of the real list.

    Thanks for starting at 75 and not 76 which would actually give you the bottom 25. I’m not complaining…

    Great blog BTW. Extra kudos, heavy pickles…

  5. haha, love it! great idea SP. I want to know why I’m still on that list…!

    I don’t post about Internet marketing anymore, that goes on the company blog so it might be time for a rebrand, thanks for the nudge. 😀

    Bargain Queen (met in Sydney earlier this year, wicked bird.), and those under #84, you’re going down… 😛

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