June 2007 Goal Update

Well, June was a crappy month for the goal project. Firstly, my laptop was undergoing repairs for 75% of the month, so that meant that working on either of my project sites was all but impossible. Secondly, figures (besides my weight!) took a nose dive. It's kind of hard not to get a little despondent when you see traffic stall for the second month in a row. It seems I'm doing something wrong, now I just need to figure out what that is.

1. Develop Swollen Pickles into a website that can generate $200 per month.

After the high of May, I guess I was due for a fall.
The total for the month was $70.54. The breakdown by revenue source being:
Adsense: $6.91
AuctionAds: $1.36
PayPerPost: $52
Kontera: $1.83
Text-Link-Ads: $8.44

Why the drop? Well I'd say the reduced traffic had an impact upon Adsense. Kontera has never been a big earner (I need more traffic for that). Text-Link-Ads hasn't picked up all my posts for the post level ads yet, and finally, my reduced access to the web meant I couldn't take up many PayPerPost opportunities. The quality of the PayPerPost opportunities dropped off toward the end of June as well. There are only so many things you can write about loans!

2. Develop Swollen Pickles to the point where it receives 15,000 unique visits per month.

Not much change here, with 3,416 unique visitors for June, down from 3,620 in May. What's even more depressing about that is, around 50-60% of that traffic was dirty Paris Hilton traffic.

3. Develop digitalburn.org into a website that can generate $30 per month.

Ughhh... $9.75 for the month. For $9.75 I couldn't be bothered typing out the source breakdown!
4. Develop digitalburn.org to the point where it receives 7,500 unique visits per month.

There were 2,689 unique visitors in June, down from 3,194 in May.

5. Achieve my goal weight of 80kgs, which would give me a BMI within the “normal” range.

Let's say, no change.

6. Buy an Xbox 360 (yes I know, counterproductive to no.5, but I need one!).

Zero progress.

7. Write and record three new songs including lyrics and vocals.

I accidentally played a country and western riff the other day, and I liked it. I feel so dirty, sooo dirty.

In summary, June sucked like a re-conditioned vacuum cleaner! Here's to a new financial year, hoorah!

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  1. June was bad for me as well, July is better but as far as my monetary goals I know I haven’t hit those yet. haven’t looked through your whole site yet but how much time to you spend on marketing? Was there another computer you could have used during June to help yourself be more consistent? Do you think you gave yourself an ‘out’ because of this?

  2. Time on marketing? Not much, and certainly don’t spend any money on it.
    To be fair, the computer thing meant I wasn’t able to update and be as active as I normally am. Net access was quite limited.
    To put it into context. Adsense income and page impressions both passed the June figures a few days ago.

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