Please John Cow, make my dreams come true, and their web hosting provider have the opportunity to help me achieve one of my goals for 2007... they could by me an Xbox360 so that I can cross off personal goal number 6!

In what they are dubbing a "cowpetition" the mad cow's are giving away a $500 prize. Yup, the John Chow tribute site is running a John Chow style link bait extravaganza. Desperate bloggers like myself will be hunched over the keyboard, knocking out posts just for the chance to win a Playstation3,or an Xbox360, a Nintendo Wii, an iPhone ....

So please John Cow, make my dreams a reality, I want an XBox360 and please throw in a couple of those HDMI switches if I need them as well! 😉

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One Response to “Please John Cow, make my dreams come true”

  1. who is this john chow and does he do mariah carey?

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