List of Forums that allow “dofollow” signature links

For webmasters interested in building back links to their sites, this just might be my most useful post ever. Well, besides this one of course.

The list below is of forums (with a page rank of 3 and above) that currently allow you to post signature links that "dofollow". I'd searched around for a while but haven't found a decent sized list, so I thought I'd start one up myself. If I find news ones I will add them to the list. If you have a forum that has a PR3 or above, and you think belongs on the list, let me know via the comments field.

SitePoint Forums PR7
Digitalpoint PR6
Harmony-Central Forums PR6
Search Engine Round Table PR6
Submit Express Forums PR6
Start Ups PR6
v7n PR6
Webmaster Talk
Comic Book Resources Forums PR5
Web Design Forum
Marketing Chat PR5
Earners Forum PR4
TriPHP Forums PR4
360 Gamerscore PR4
Acorn Domain Name Forums PR4
Book and Reading Forum PR4
Ableton Forums PR3
The In Place PR3
6Pins PR3
IQ69 PR3
Hot4's Forums PR3
Directory Junction PR3

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66 Comments on List of Forums that allow “dofollow” signature links

  1. Hey, cool idea!
    I think is dofollow if I remember correctly and also I believe is dofollow, but check before you post.

  2. You were right Scot, both forums allow dofollow sigs, so I’ve added them to the list.

  3. For the uninitiated:
    nofollow is an HTML attribute value used to instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index.

    So, dofollow is the opposite. So in effect posting (with your site url in your sig) in the forums listed will have a positive effect on your PR.

  4. My site is PR5 now, but just to say it is tightly moderated so joining to post a few links in your sig is pointless, your posts and account will just get deleted.

  5. Just a note… SEO rountable requires 25 posts before you can post links or a signature. Probably not worth it if you just wanna post links. But, there is good news; the site has alot of great content.

  6. Great article, you hit most of the good ones but you missed


    The latter (Code4Gold) is my forum. It’s not as active as DigitalPoint but we’ve SEO optimized it for the top posters on the forum to get the most juice to their profile pages which can include websites, blogs, Squidoo pages, etc…That’s in addition to nofollowed signatures.

    We are also a revenue sharing site (only for quality members) like DP except we are revenue sharing with Adsense, PepperJam, Clickbank and TNX.

  7. Hey Mr Rader, I think I’ve killed my forum. Can’t seem to get around to making it work! 😀

  8. So do you think it does help to leave comments in forums? Another SEO site said that it made no difference at all and would be a waste of time. Thoughts?

  9. If you create 1000 posts in a forum that allows dofollow signatures, it stands to reason that it would have some effect. Whether it’s a significant effect or not I’m not sure, but it’s worth a shot IMHO.

  10. Plus if you make enough quality posts on a forum, especially if you’ve helped someone (so they trust your expertise), they’re bound to see what else you’ve got going on, especially if it’s related.

    So on top of some PR, you get actual visitors… Which is the point of all of this stuff, right? If you’re making posts on a forum anyways, you might as well not be shy and have a link to your works available.

  11. Good point that David brought up, what is the overall point of our seo efforts anyway? To get more visitors that want to see our sites, not just the traffic that couldn’t care less…

  12. …oops… forwarded your link to friends to check out (not for links either…they don’t have any.) hehehe…just to let you know I enjoy your site.

  13. @ Andy – I’ve tried implementing dofollow here and on other sites in the past, and found that all it has led to is an influx in comment spam and single word comments like “thanks” or “wow” that didn’t really add anything.

  14. Thanks for the great resource. But some of those forums are not providing dofollow signature like, does not have dofollow signature.
    I think the thing to point out when it comes to using forum signatures for building backlinks is
    1. The effect on SERPS is really relatively small and 2. Read the ToS before you join up.
    I’m a regular at and I know that signature links only become “dofollow” after 100 posts and they are really, really hot on what they call “fluff” posting – those that join just to get as many posts as possible with no desire to honestly join in the community discussions.

  15. Thanks alot for this list, it will be very helpful for me in the near future. The signature links in the SitePoint Forums have a nofollow attribute until you reach 100 posts. At least thats what I read in the SitePoint Forums.

  16. I really try to converse in these forums but sometimes it’s hard when I don’t always know what they are talking about in the webmaster forums. I guess reading and asking questions is how I’ll learn though…

  17. Hi all! Hot picture alert! If Paris Hilton is your fave, then I have a website for you to see. Who wants it?

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