The Cable and Deadpool story so far…

The Cable/Deadpool series was responsible for getting me addicted to "graphic novels"... ok, comics. The books are a mix of great plot lines, humor and awesome artwork. Cable is the 'serious' character, soldier from the future, blood ties to the X-Men, trying to save the world. Deadpool is the comic relief, paid gun for hire, that finds himself doing more and more good for the world, whether he means to or not. So far there Cable/Deadpool comics have been collected in six trade paper backs, with the seventh due sometime in September (I've already got that one on pre-order from Amazon).

Here's an over view of the story so far...

Cable/Deadpool Vol. 1: If Looks Could Kill
This is the first pairing of Cable and Deadpool. When the story begins, Deadpool is hired by a mysterious Church/Cult to steal a virus that will turn everyone in the world blue. At the same time, Cable is trying to figure out how he can best use his powers to save the world from the future that he has seen. A number of random events later, and the two find themselves infected with the virus. Their only hope to survive is to merge their DNA. Things get weird. Numerous references to Bea Arthur, the Olsen twins and duct tape.

Cable/Deadpool Vol. 2: The Burnt Offering

Cable attempts to build an island paradise, where people from all backgrounds can live together in peace. Sounds ideal, until S.H.I.E.L.D get involved. The X-Men and Silver Surfer stop by. Deadpool dresses as his favorite X-Man. Things get weird.

Cable/Deadpool Volume 3: The Human Race

The third volume begins with a good old fashion murder mystery, with Detective Deadpool on the case. There is brain washing, some attempted murder, quickly followed by some traveling between dimensions. Mr Sinister pops up, and Cable starts things over. It gets complicated. Things get weird.

Cable/Deadpool Volume 4: Bosom Buddies

Cable and Deadpool head of to a quiet town for some male bonding. The pound a few beers, and share some stories from their past. Deadpool gets hired for yet another mercenary job, attempts to steal a hard drive, and gets on the wrong side of Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Toward the end of volume 4, Deadpool gets involved in a scuffle with Spiderman. Things get weird.

Cable/Deadpool Volume 5: Living Legends

Volume 5 is one of the best in the collection. It features Captain America, and we learn what happens to his sheild in the distant future. It also features the rebirth of Apocalypse, and some nice back story, involving Cable and ancient Egypt. Deadpool pops up far more in the second half, when he takes on a new mission to depose a dictator in a far away country. This one leads into the Civil War series. I love the way all the various stories led into the Civil War event. Great story telling, and great marketing ploy! Things get weird.

Cable & Deadpool Volume 6: Paved With Good Intentions

With the Marvel Civil War under way, Cable and Deadpool stand on opposite sides. Deadpool goes where the money is and starts hunting down non-registered super humans. The Civil War is a giant wedge that splits the two. Captain America makes an appearance, there is a lot of fighting, but can Cable and Deadpool ever be friends again? Things get weird.

Cable & Deadpool Volume 7: Separation Anxiety

Volume 7 promises to be awesome. The title hints at what might happen with the relationship between Cable and Deadpool, but to be honest, I'm not real sure where it will go. I can guarantee one thing though. Things will get weird.

In closing, I would strongly recommend these books to anyone with a passing interest in "graphic novels". If you've ever been curious as to what a comic is like to read, dive into the deep end and pick these up from the beginning, before they become impossible to find!

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