Swollen Pickles stocks rise

Swollen Pickles has hit an all time high on the Top 100 Australian Blogs Index. As of the 9 August update, Swollen Pickles sits at number 40.

In other news, I would recommend not catching the flu. It's freakin' terrible, and makes looking at a laptop screen unbearable! That will be all for now.

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6 Comments on Swollen Pickles stocks rise

  1. I find looking at a screen difficult when I have a head cold or headache.

    I find a screen with a high refresh rate to be easier to view. 75Hz or higher feels nice. Many monitors default to 60Hz.

    Occasionally I run the laptop’s s-video out into the flatpanel tv for ease of viewing.

    Ms. Worm doesn’t like me to monopolize our media components like that though. So that can be rare.

  2. Thanks for the advice Wormbrain. I’d like a nice big flat panel TV to trial this theory on! Anyone willing to donate one?? Sony?? I’m looking in your direction…

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