Old school advertising full of innuendo

If you're old enough, you may remember a time when advertising was innocent and pure. There were no racy ads filled with smutty innuendo, just good wholesome commercialism... or were there??

Taking a look at a couple of these weird nuggets below, I had to ask myself, "would these sneak past the censors today?"

Here's a nice little promotion for smoking. Nothing sinister here, all above board, not even a hint of the "Are You Being Served?" humor...

Old school smoking ad

Sometimes a picture speaks 1,000 words, I think the ad below proves this...

Old school ad

Should this be taken literally?

Old school ad 3

2 Comments on Old school advertising full of innuendo

  1. We baby boomers didn’t realize it but we were being changed by this type of advertising, with subliminal messages being imprinted on our brains, eventually exhibited in our cultural personas. We have indeed come a long way but the mentality of the marketers is still essentially juvenile (listen to top radio ads, for example) and the writers-designers will sink to the lowest denominator if allowed. It’s in the nature of the business to go for the gut level, unfortunately.

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