Web traffic deluge

September looks like it's going to obliterate all swollenpickles.com monthly traffic records. The first 11 days of September have seen 10,235 unique visits, blowing right past the previous record of 8,783 in August 2007. At the current rate, I'll pass the 15,000 unique visits for the month goal within the next few days.

Why the sudden traffic deluge?

Well, I have to put it down the "stumble effect". Based on what I'm seeing via analytics, four of my recent posts have been somewhat stumble worthy, these posts, in order of popularity, are:

How long this "stumble effect" lasts remains to be seen. I'd probably expect it to taper off soon. One thing I have noticed is that the influx of stumble traffic has had no positive (or negative) effect on my Adsense earnings. They are currently quite similar to last months figures.

In summary, the stumble traffic is obviously fantastic for boosting visitor count, and by association Alexa rank, but it does not appear that effective in increasing Adsense revenue. Whether my experience here, translates to other blogs, I'm not sure, but I would be interested in hearing from others on this.

In other news, Swollen Pickles has just hit myspace. Currently Tom is my only friend. Wanna be my friend?

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3 Responses to “Web traffic deluge”

  1. welcome to the phenomenon known as ‘myspace whoring’

  2. swollenpickles says:

    You can talk you facebook slut!

  3. I will be your friend…

    Although I haven’t set up on MySpace yet, what with a blog as well, I dunno if I will get the time.

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