BlogRush appears to be a giant stuffed turkey

Am I alone in thinking that BlogRush is a giant stuffed turkey? As of writing this I have past the 10,000 impressions mark, and received a grand total of 2 clicks. From what I've picked up from various forums, my experience with BlogRush is not unique.

I've also noticed a high proportion of hastily slapped together, spam riddled, made for adsense, style blogspot blogs turning up in the widget displayed on this site. How could those sorts of sites get displayed so frequently?

Well, as it turns out, there is a simple way to exploit BlogRush to boost your impression count, and as a result, have your headlines displayed more frequently. It's all done with a bit of php scripting (apparently this one resolves any IP + UserAgent issues?), but I think it's better explained if you it from the source here, BlogRush exploit.

No doubt the people behind BlogRush will be trying to close that loophole pretty quickly, although I'd imagine that even if they do, other loopholes will more than likely be discovered.

Bottom line, would I recommend BlogRush?

Nope. Unless things improve with the way the system runs I wouldn't recommend BlogRush to my friends. It's delivering no where near enough traffic to be worth the side bar space. That being said, if you really must join BlogRush, to feel the disappointment for yourself, feel free to use my affiliate link, you never know, it might bring me in that one extra visitor for the month!

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12 Responses to “BlogRush appears to be a giant stuffed turkey”

  1. Meg says:

    Sp – for me it’s now 5 clicks from 23,000+ impressions – pretty similar CTR to you. Average time on site is 10 seconds, woeful :(

  2. Jayne says:

    Seems to be the same on most of the blogs I’ve read the past few days -little or no clicks.
    Looks like they stuffed the turkey’s early for USA Thanksgiving this year!

  3. Sucker says:

    This seems to be the consensus. After all that buzz… what a shame.

  4. Meg, I’ve just received my 3rd click so things are really picking up steam now! Still a few foreign language sites appearing in the widget though.

  5. Meg says:

    Break out the bolly – I’m up to 6!

    I was just thinking though, if all the pyramid leaders decide it’s not for them & take the widget off their site, they’d still get traffic from those below – hey?

  6. swollenpickles says:

    Yup, I’m guessing they would unless there is something in the fine print of the BlogRush TOS. That’s probably why none of the big boys have come out to say that it’s a turkey.

  7. This is why I didn’t sign up in the first place. I wanted to make sure the hype was warranted – obviously it wasn’t.

  8. tallfreak says:

    I’m upset because the darn widget will not fit in my sidebar.

  9. swollenpickles says:

    Don’t be upset, as of right now, it currently blows!

  10. BillyWarhol says:

    I actually arrived here via BlogRush from Thee Life of 118.

    ” You have alot of views on your blog. I want to get some traffic to my site. Any suggestions? Thanks!


    I don’t think it should take any Rocket Scientists long to figger out that with the Sheer Gigantuan # of Blogs out there – seeing yer Blog Post + actually somebody Clicking on it – seems to me pretty Remote*

    I did wanna give it a chance tho + see if it Helped!



  11. The thing is, 95% of bloggers put widget at the bottom of the page. And there is also an issue of the titles and inability of customizing the widget itself. Sadly, a big failure.

  12. […] have checked several sites reports on how it went with Blogrush, and they all have one thing in common; it wasn’t wort it! It didn’t generate that many visitors as […]

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