Friday collection of miscellaneous stuff

Firstly, I need to thank Meg from Dipping into the Blogpond for sticking with her top 100 Australian blogs index. Any time I need an ego boost, I head over to her list to see where Swollen Pickles sits in the list. Currently this blog is sitting at number 20, which I'm more than happy about!

Another blog I work on has also cracked the top 100. Motordude the car news blog is sitting pretty at number 59, which is pretty cool considering it's only a couple of months old. Incidentally, if you're an Aussie male, you may want to check out this story summarising recent research that has found Australian women find ute owners "hot".

Meg has also been quite supportive of Swollen Pickles, and has linked to me on more than one occasion. The last time she gave me a nice write up on the whole Meg White sex tape saga.

So, in summary, thanks Meg!

There have been a couple of other things that have caught my attention in the last week or two, so here's a quick summary.

Andrew Boyd received his first 'troll' comment, so congratulations go out to Andrew!

Andy Beard airs his beef with the Google Monster and presents it far more eloquently than I did!

This one dates back to August, but I only stumbled across it this week... The Wrong Advices highlighted The 20 Most Bizarre Science Experiments Of All Time. A lot of old school Ripley's Believe it or not? style stuff there!

Thomas Sinfield, who has popped into Swollen Pickles before, put a question to his readers, should he spend $100 on buying an ebay affiliate store script? Me, I'm not so sure, if it were my money I'd put it toward an Xbox360 and spend a little time searching SitePoint or something to find out how to create a similar script myself. The concept does sound worthy of investigation though.

In other news, WidgetBucks seems to be performing well for those people that have decided to give it a try. The CPC people are reporting seems to vary a little bit, but I'd suggest that most people seem to average between $0.30-$0.40 per click. I've decided to give a pink ad spot a try on my music site to see how that goes!

That's all for today.

4 Comments on Friday collection of miscellaneous stuff

  1. hey, thanks for the link!

    I am still up in the air about whether to get the script, I reckon if I spent a little time I could create one, but then you think if I spend 5-10 hours on it, then it kinda justifies the $100.

    I made the Topp 100 aussie blogs too, but I’m a little lower than you so watch your back 😀

  2. Hey SP,

    Nice collection of links. Ironic that I just linked out to you again, and then I see a trackback from you! Thanks 🙂

    BTW, I’ve awarded you the “you make me smile award” 😀

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