Designing a good logo is a tough task. It's no where near as simple as it sounds. It's fair to say I've had a bit of a fixation with graphic design recently, and I've posted about logos before (anyone remember the Phallic Logo Awards?). This latest crop of logos don't quite fit into the phallic category, but they could be seen as somewhat smutty.

So here I count down the top 5 most inappropriate logo designs.

Number 5: Arlington Pediatric Centre

Well, I'm not exactly sure what the client was thinking when they approved this one. Maybe it's supposed be like a magic eye puzzle? At best it would have to be described as 'suggestive'.

Number 4: Kids Exchange

Kids Exchange also appeared in one of the earliest Swollen Pickles posts entitled, "Hazardous Domain Name Registration". If you can't figure out what is going on with the one, then you better go read that old post!

Number 3: Clinical Dental

Mmmkay, do you think that is the standard level of service Clinical Dental provide?

Number 2: Kudawara Pharmacy

Now if they had really intended that to be the letter 'K' why in the world would they add two dots on the top?... unless... unless they wanted it to look like two people 'doing' it...drum roll...

Number 1: The Computer Doctors

Well, this logo speaks for itself. Clearly the Computer Doctors get very excited and passionate about their business!

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