Top 6 inappropriate childrens books

If you are scratching your head trying to come up with some last minute gift ideas, then maybe it's time you considered books! You remember those? Before the internet, people used to read these things called books. Words printed on paper and bound together? Anyway, in a tribute to old style books (particularly Golden Books - remember those?), here are the top 6 inappropriate childrens books.

Number 1: "My foot in your ass" - Dr Seuss

A childrens classic with a subtle message about the importance of getting things right the first time, and the ramifications of getting things wrong!

Number 2: "Why is mommy moaning?" - Berenstein Bears

When it's time to learn about the birds and the bees, it's time to break out the good ol' Berenstein Bears.

Number 3: "Horton hires a ho" - Dr Seuss

Consider it your childs first introduction to economics and commerce.

Number 4: "My first rave"

More fun than an all nighter with the Wiggles and Hi-5 combined!

Number 5: "Let's sh!t in the woods" - Golden Book

A classic that dares answer the age old questions, 'does a bear sh!t in the woods?'

Number 6: "Learn to pimp" - Berenstein Bears

This should definitely be read in conjunction with number 3 to ensure your child has a healthy understanding of the way the business world works.

So there you have it. If you want to check out another collection of inappropriate stuff, here is the top 5 most inappropriate logo designs.

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  1. Now is this some serious photoshoping of book cover art? Or is it just typos of the titles when they printed the books? Or were these REAL books?

  2. They’re photoshopped, I remember the cover art for most of these books (the Berenstein Bears book that got re-purposed to “why is mommy moaning?” was originally about being afraid of the dark, if I remember correctly). Someone just did a good job matching the fonts and emulating the original title styles.

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