With the year fast drawing to a close, I thought it might be time to sit back and reflect on what a year it has been. In other words, I'm about to run through the top 10 most popular posts on Swollen Pickles for 2007. By popular, I'm talking about the most visited posts as recorded by Google Analytics for 2007. So, here is the countdown, from 10 to 1.

Number 10: Deadpool is the forgotten superhero

Way back in March of this year I developed quite the "graphic novel" addiction. Deadpool was, and still is a personal favorite. This post was a tribute to Deadpool: The Forgotten Superhero. Personally, I'm suprised that so many people continue to visit this one.

Number 9: Turning up the heat on the bandwidth thief

August/September of 2007 saw me engaged in a running battle with a dodgy bandwidth thief. I was irritated so I took so anti-theft measures. I'm guessing the image of the massive set of bulls balls is what still appeals to most people.

Number 8:  The original 300 script

Not sure why this one has proven so popular. For the most part, 300 was a fairly crap movie. Maybe people are searching for some answers? Maybe they are thinking the "original" script had to have been better? Like the movie, this post was just one big bad joke.

Number 7: Old school advertising full of innuendo

It's no secret that I have a bit of a fascination with ye olde advertising. When you look at it now, it seems so chock full of smutty innuendo. Perhaps that says more about me?

Number 6: Hot picture of Paris Hilton's tuna taco

Speaking of innuendo, I'm guessing that's why this Paris Hilton post continues to get a constant stream of traffic. I'd hazard a guess and suggest that a majority of people that visit this post via a search result do so because they are not taking the title literally. Gee, they must be disappointed!

Number 5: How I stopped a bandwidth thief

This post could be considered my "community service" post. Probably one of the more useful things I've contributed to the web. A diamond in amongst a barrow full of gravel.

Number 4: Lindsay Lohan with massive camel toe

Another post with a title that should be read quite literally to prevent disappointment. This one features the starlet also dubbed "fire crotch" man handling an uber camel toe.

Number 3: Paris Hilton's camel toe

Proving that Swollen Pickles has corned the lucrative camel toe market, the third most popular post of 2007 features Ms Hilton and toe. This post has been a hit within the pervert community, but once again, the title should be taken literally.
Number 2:  Top 5 most inappropriate logo designs

Proving that the world lives a "top 5" list, the second most popular post of the year is just over a month old. This one has surged toward the top.

Number 1: Rollin' with Saget

There should be no underestimating of Bob Saget. Rollin' with Saget was the most popular post on Swollen Pickles for 2007 by a considerable margin. It's a catchy tune, and it's funny. Win-win.

So there you have it, the most popular SwollenPickles.com posts of 2007.  I wouldn't consider this a "best of Swollen Pickles", but I guess not everything need be exceptional quality in order to be popular!  ;)