Here's a handy little offer for the music lovers of the world, well mostly for the US based readers, unless someone knows something I don't and are willing to share ;)

Napster are offering a 7 day unlimited use trial of there service. All you need to do is check out the following link:

Get 7 days of Napster for FREE

Napster seem to have an interesting setup going. This is from the site:

"You may play any particular song up to three (3) times, after which you will need to subscribe to Napster or purchase the song to play it in full again."

Sounds good to me. Unfortunately at the moment, that service doesn't extend world wide, and plebs like me have to settle for the first 30 seconds, iTunes style. All that being said, where ever you're from, Napster would be worth a look if you're after an iTunes alternative.