Google Bomb hits big target

Another Google Bomb has been dropped, and I'm warning you, Tom Cruise will not be happy! If you've never heard of a Google Bomb before, it is when people try to influence the Google search results via linking and anchor text in order to associate a search term with a website. Actually Wikipedia probably describe it better:

A Google bomb (also referred to as a 'link bomb') is Internet slang for a certain kind of attempt to influence the ranking of a given page in results returned by the Google search engine, often with humorous or political intentions. Because of the way that Google's algorithm works, a page will be ranked higher if the sites that link to that page use consistent anchor text. A Google bomb is created if a large number of sites link to the page in this manner.

The latest Google Bomb has hit the Church of Scientology. What do I mean? Well head on over to Google and do a search for "Dangerous Cult" and check out the first search result.

Just in case the Scientologists have taken legal action to have this Google Bomb defused by the time this post goes live, I took the liberty of taking a screenshot. Here t'is.

Google Search Result

I'm not sure that is a keyword the Church of Scientology would like to rank highly for. What do you think?

Credit where it's due, I found out about this one when browsing "Gorilla Sushi", who have taken the Entrecard spot on Swollen Pickles a couple of times now.

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8 Responses to “Google Bomb hits big target”

  1. Lightening says:

    These sorts of things seem to have a way of showing their true colours eventually don’t they.

    Thanks for the explanation of a Google Bomb. I’d not heard of that before.

  2. Terry says:

    Thanks for the good read. I had no idea what a google bomb was either! Pretty funny that it happened to the church of scientenolgy

  3. I have seen the Tom ‘Cat’ thing everywhere – and now I know what you are talking about – The Google bomb sounds very intriguing.Wow the power is in our hands.

  4. Classic. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer group.

  5. Hey, thanks for the hat-tip!

  6. blankshooting says:

    google bomb? is that like a widow maker on the dunny?

  7. David Rader says:

    That’s pretty funny… I remember a while back some Jewish people were upset that when you typed in “Jew” on Google, the #1 result was where they keep tabs on Jewish people. If you ask me why, I’d say I’m not sure, but I think some people believe they’re evil, but what they forget is… Evil is awesome. Just joking. Batman is awesome.

  8. That is so funny, couldn’t of happened to a nicer ‘cult’ lol!!

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