Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool (Wolverine movie news)

Big news on the casting of the Wolverine movie, currently slated for a 1 May 2009 release with the title "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". It's one of those films that I'm keenly waiting for, but at the same time a little nervous about, cos lets face it, if this one goes wrong, it'll go really really wrong!

There were a few high profile actors announced having taken roles in the film, but the biggest part of the casting announcement came when the actors roles were announced.

Obviously the big news for me was the casting of Ryan Reynolds to play Deadpool. Sounds like perfect casting to me. Reynolds has been rumoured to play Deadpool for a few years now, with rumours of a Deadpool film dating back to 2004.

The other big one is the appearance of Gambit, one of my other favorite Marvel characters. To be honest I've never heard of the guy playing him, Taylor Kitsch, I just hope he doesn't play it corn ball.

Here's a shortlist of characters (and actors) from the "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" film:

  • Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds)
  • Agent X Zero (Daniel Henney)
  • Sabretooth (Liev Schreiber)
  • Gambit (Taylor Kitsch)
  • Silver Fox (Lynn Collins)
  • Beak (Dominic Monaghan)
  • Kestrel (Will.I.Am)
  • William Stryker (Danny Huston)

Looking at that list of characters I'm really scratching my head trying to figure out how they are going to fit them all in to the one story. The film could feature a lot of flashbacks, be set in the past, or just jump about through time. Arguably the strangest character to show up in the list is Beak. If you've read the New X-Men comics then you'll know that he's a bird like guy who doesn't have the ability to fly. Not sure why, or how, he's going to fit in to the whole thing...

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  1. Ryan Reynolds better have his beard for this one or I’m leaving.
    Seriously, he’s SO much cooler with the beard.

    Deadpool has a deformed face, so there’ll be plenty of makeup I’m guessing.

  2. ok, does no one question which agent x it is….is it the one from ghost rider, or is it the sorta wade wilson one (deadpool) you all have questions, but that one right there would answer the whole way the story would go, if it is the one ghost rider,from half that list of characters would be from the weapon x program (in civil war, they said they were going to recruit him for weapon x), and they could start there and make the tie-in, or something along that path…….but if it is the agent X (the corpsey half deadpool) then there would have to be an agency x going on, and that comic line ended, so they could do allot with it……..unless they want to go a whole new direction, in which lots of people would just get pissed…..take spiderman 3 for example…….but ive ranted a while, and i doubt anyone is really going to read this

  3. i agree swollepickles. ryan rynolds better have his beard. but he is one of my all time favorite actors and i think he will def pull this role off. and i am soooo happy they finally got gambit in a movie. he is my fav character out of x-men. the guy playin him just better get the accent right and grow a gotee with the short hair

  4. HELLLLOOOO! We are talking about Deadpool, and who cares about a beard? Deadpool never takes of his mask, so problem fixed (think about it, if in the film, Deadpool doesn’t have a mask, than it’s rubbish)

  5. Deadpool has a siverly scared face from the exparment they did to him so even if he tryed to grow a beard he could not.
    any way Gambit, Deadpool, and Wolverine are my favorite characters now that Deadpool and Gambit are fanaliy in a move and together i hope this movie is not a fluke

  6. Ryan Reynolds was great on Blade Trinity doing that role of the funny maniac, thats what we need for Deadpool….you need to think about it, Deadpools is crazy as hell (because all the things they did him) and really haves this “dark” humour between lines….I think Deadpool will become in a great character after this movie, hope they give a Movie alone.

  7. Movie is horrible; Gambits there for less than 10 minutes. Deadpool is there for 5 minutes and at the end he is tgransformed to a mutant with all powers. Hmm something is wrong when Sabretooth and Wolverine tag to take him out spoiler worth it cuase its a horrible movie best part is Gambits shooting of cards and the chick that is made of diamonds.

    • I’m waiting to see it at the cinema in its finished form. I think watching the leaked version would only spoil it for me.

  8. I’m looking forward to see Maverick(agent X) but I’ve been drooling over seeing deadpool in a movie since I heard that they talking about back in 04 I think it was. And Ryan is by far the best choice for the role. Now I heard that Emma one has the daimond mutant power… thats BS that’s actually a secondary power that was unlocked by Prof. X sister. Also she’s in the same high school as Scott WTF >.<

    but Deadpool and Gambit in the same movie is awesomely awesome and full of awesomeness. it really makes up for only seeing gambits name in the second x-men movie

  9. ok, they completly screw up everything. they crush your dreams about the awesomness, i know they did mine. wade willson (deadpool) is in it for like 5 min then they call the final boss deadpool. gambit doesnt do anythin either

  10. From what I’ve heard, they’ve taken bits and pieces from the comics in terms of Wolverines origins but its not all that faithful to the comics, particularly in the depiction of all the supporting characters.

  11. this will totally suck. Deadpool isn’t like that. I’m looking forward for seeing it and say it out loud: This film is just the worst.

  12. I wish Emma Frost and Gambit would have had bigger parts in the movie as well, but lets not forget,t his was Wolverine’s time to shine..

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