Here’s Johnny

Swollen Pickles is back online! For the past week or so I've been unable to post, or even log in to my WordPress administration panel. After much head scratching and pleading my host managed to fix the problem for me. Apparently it had something to do with the All In One SEO plugin I'd installed. The unexpected lock out has played havoc with my goal project this month.

If nothing else, this little drama has reminded me once again about the importance of scheduling a number of posts to display in advance!

Since I haven't posted anything useful, or even not useful, lately check out this link to some very very useful WordPress Theme Hacks. Just remember to back up everything before trying these.

Now, for the scientific minded, here's a picture of the primordial soup.

Primordial Soup

Now things are up and running again, I hope to resume normal programming shortly.

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One Response to “Here’s Johnny”

  1. Wormbrain says:

    Primordial Soup – Just add lightning (or an act of God, if that’s your thing)

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