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Here's another free offer I found while browsing the Commission Junction site. are giving you the opportunity to watch a video for free, in what I'm guessing is a way to get people to trial their product.

Free stuff is good stuff, and the CinemaNow site has all the latest releases so it's worth a look in that regard. Take a look, you might like it, or you might not, either way, you can still watch a video for free.

Watch a Video for Free on!

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  1. “Title Unavailable”, but anyway, this is the first site, where I saw, that you really can buy a movie! Even if I do not understand why would anybody pay for movies (especially when I do not see anything interesting) 😀 Just kidding :-) anyway it is not fair, that new movies and cds are so cheap in other countries, only here is everything so expensive, than it is no wonder, that nobody will buy such things and people just copy… It is nothing unusual, when a dvd is sold for 30 US dollars!

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