March 2008 Goal Update

Here's the update for the month of March. I'm inching closer to achieving some of these, but as you'll see, there's still more work required.

1. Develop Swollen Pickles into a website that can generate $350 per month.

In February this site generated $530.97. March, was not quite as good, $308.40. Here's a rough breakdown.
Adsense: $30.48
Kontera: $13.90
WidgetBucks: $50.08
LinkWorth: $35.22

: $95.18
Misc: $83.50

2. Develop Swollen Pickles to the point where it receives 30,000 unique visits per month.

February, whilst a short month, still brought in 28,840 visitors. March, was a little slower, with 24,448. There was quite a lot of downtime in March, I'd estimate 9 days in which posts couldn't be viewed. No doubt this impacted upon the numbers, but to what extent, I'm not sure.

3. Develop Digital Burn into a website that can generate $150 per month.

Digital Burn made $61.59 in March, well down from the $121 in February. Disappointing!

4. Develop Digital Burn to the point where it receives 15,000 unique visits per month.

There were 11,784 unique visitors to in March. Getting close to the 15,000 but still not good enough. I probably need to update that site more regularly.

5. Develop Motor Dude into a website that can generate $50 per month.

There was $23.63 earned from in March. Sad stuff!

6. Develop Motor Dude to the point where it receives 7,500 unique visits per month.

Another sad number. 1,660 unique visitors in March, cut by almost 50% from February.

7. Achieve my goal weight of 85kgs.

Honestly, minimal progress. I have to do more exercise. Full stop CAPITAL LETTERS.

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