Entrecard experiment results

On the 19 March 2008 I started my Entrecard experiment on www.motordude.com my car blog. At the start of this experiment, it cost a lowly 5 credits to advertise on motordude.com.

The aim of the experiment was to help answer the question, does Entrecard position affect your credits? I moved the Entrecard on that page well above the fold (where it had previously been toward the bottom of the sidebar) and waited.

It has now been just over 2 weeks since the experiment began, and I think enough time has passed to report my results. It now costs 15 credits to advertise on www.motordude.com

Hardly a massive increase we you consider there are a stack of bodgy blogspot blogs costing well over 200 credits. Below is the graph outlining the drop rate on my entrecard both before and after 19 March.

Interestingly, there is a big spike in the center there on the 17th and 18th March, just prior to the beginning of the experiment. What caused this? Check out the graph below that shows the number of clicks through to motordude.com from adverts I have bought.

Based on this I would suggest there is a clear relationship between click through from ads and drops on the entrecard.

After careful analysis in the Swollen Pickles lab, I have come up with the following conclusion. You have to spend credits to make credits! Picking up spots on high click through/low cost sites will have a bigger impact on your credit count than the positioning of your own Entrecard. Here's an example, on the 17th March, 47 people clicked through to motordude.com from an ad I placed on another site (which cost 32 credits), and 47 people dropped their card on my Entrecard.

To summarise, changing the position of my Entrecard had little effect on the number of credits earned, however buying cheap spots on other blogs has some potential to capitalise upon the 'chain droppers', that click on an ad, drop their card, then move on to the next site.

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  1. I have just signed up for entrecard myself after reading so much about it on the aussie bloggers forums yet I am still in the `what the hell am I doing?` stage!?!?! So in between dropping on sites (which I am not exactly sure what happens when I do this??) I am reading up on it…..which is why I stopped to read your post. Also liked your March summary! Am in the process of adding ads to my site so am very interested in how other people go about it!

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