Semi-pro – the official movie review of the movie

First, let me begin by saying that Will Ferrell is the balls. Now with that out of way, let me describe the movie just a little bit, before I give it a score out of five, and then post a couple of related Will Ferrell clips.

Semi-Pro is based on the semi-true story of ABA basketball team, the Flint Tropics, and the teams owner and former soul singing sensation, Jackie Moon. Jackie Moon, is owner, player, coach and promoter of the bottom placed team in the ABA. With the threat of a league merger hanging over his head, Jackie trades a washing machine for a washed up, soon to be retired, has been, played by Woody Harrelson.

It's not long before the struggling squad starts to win, and start drawing a crowd. Will they win? Will they make the NBA cut? Well... who really cares. To be honest the plot isn't the reason you'd go to see this film. If you were to write down the major plot points you'd see that it's a paint by numbers sporting under dog story. The reason you'll see this film is Will Ferrell.

Ferrell throws out line after line, so many in fact, that it's impossible for a few not to hit the target. When he's on screen, the film is a riot. When he's not however, things get a little bogged down, and a touch serious, particularly the scenes with Woody and his love interest.

I'd suggest that if you liked Anchorman, Blades of Glory and Talladega Nights, then you'll get a good laugh out of Semi-Pro. Where would it rank compared to those three? I'd sit it between Talladega Nights and Blades of Glory.

Overall, this movie is at it's best when it's not taking itself too seriously. Overall I'd give it 3.75/5. It's not quite a 4, but deserves more than a 3.5.

If you're interested, here's the trailer for the film. I love the bear fight.

Now if you want some more Jackie Moon, check him out here, promoting Old Spice.

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  1. i’m a huge fan of ballin’ and thought that this movie would be the beez neez but was left extremely disappointed. jokes were mildly amusing and they were few and far between and it all felt very rushed. surprisingly, talledega nights was way more enjoyable than this and i’m no nascar fan at all. technical foul!

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