Some really bad tattoos

On one of the many MSN blogs this evening I spotted a list of some of the worst tattoos of all time. Worst of all time is a very big call, but I'd have to agree, there were some dodgy tatts amongst the group.

Rather than force loyal readers to wade through the muck, I thought I'd post a few of the best from that list, as well as some others that, whilst not on the list, perhaps should have been.

Let's begin with this little gem. Someone obviously thought it'd be a good idea to commemorate one of Britney's public melt downs by getting some ink done.

Britney Spears tattoo

Moving from one singing pop-ette to the singing poodle herself, Celine Dion...

Celine Dion tattoo

Perhaps a more worthy subject for the permanent ink, Mr Chuck Norris...

Chuck Norris tattoo

Now we move on to some dodgy tattoos that make use of the mechanics of their canvas to get their point across...
I can't actually imagine walking around with this all day, every day, but I guess it might help in keeping magpies at bay.

Eyeball skull tattoo

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Next up, a somewhat lewd tattoo that makes use of the belly button... bungholio...

Cow bung hole tattoo

...and another little piece of monkey magic...

monkey bung hole tattoo

Speaking of lewd, I bet this guy's mother is real proud.

legs tattoo

I guess this one is called making the most of what you've got.

Lawn mower tattoo

Before signing off for now, I'll leave you with this important point. If you are going to commit to a tattoo, make sure you get someone to proof read it for you!

Awsome tattoo

6 Comments on Some really bad tattoos

  1. Yuk, those are shithouse tatts. Mind you I hate tattoos generally – can’t understand why people want to deface their bodies this way.

  2. i think the little lawnmower one is cool though. Nicely done =) although admittedly a little tacky, however when you get to that age tackiness is unavoidable

  3. lol i think they lookes great but my favorite was the guy with the lawn mower . yea in the long run hannah might think there tacky but you will always remimber the reason you got that tatooand im sure at least one of the reasons has to do with the words “I DARE YOU”

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