After seeing the new Incredible Hulk movie I'm glad to report that it went a long way toward righting the wrongs committed by the 2003 Ang Lee atrocity. Edward Norton was excellent as Bruce Banner, and a much better fit for the character than Eric Bana was. Banner is weedy, vulnerable, but underneath it all, you can tell he's got some hardcore repressed anger issues.

The story starts with Banner on the run, and hiding from the US military, and trying to find a cure for his little problem. It's not long before he's tracked down, and following a tussle with some crack special forces, including ring in Tim Roth, Banner Hulk's up, busts loose and head for home.

Reuniting with lost love Betty Ross (Liv Tyler), Banner keeps moving, whilst the military develop a 'Hulk' of their own.

Overall, the Incredible Hulk was enjoyable and entertaining. I actually enjoyed it more than I did Iron Man, but perhaps a lot of that has to do with my hatred of Tony Stark... damn you Stark... damn you! The addition of Edward Norton gave the film a lot more credibility in my opinion. Norton is my favorite actor, and he hasn't let me down yet!

If you enjoyed Iron Man, are a fan of comics, or are just after a fun 2 hours at the movies, I'd recommend checking out the Incredible Hulk. I'll give it a solid 4 out of 5 pickles.