June 2008 goal update

"Real world" commitments made it difficult to pay attention to my goal project in June, but I managed to keep things moving along never the less.

1. Develop Swollen Pickles into a website that can generate $350 per month.

May was a dud month, bringing in just $180.83, luckily things picked up in June, with SwollenPickles.com ending the month $306.81 richer.

7kgs. The big earner for the month was the eBay partner network in conjunction with phpBay Pro, bringing in $122.65. Furthermore, I made an additional $44.10 commission via sales of phpBay Pro itself. I've given up counting how many times phpBay Pro has paid for itself now, but let's just say it's a lot!
Shopzilla, Kontera, Widgetbucks and Adsense all contributed relatively evenly, with Kontera performing surprisingly well in June.

Bidvertiser has proven to be a let down in more ways than one, bringing in a total of $0.88 for June.

2. Develop Swollen Pickles to the point where it receives 30,000 unique visits per month.

After a slow May, it was good to see that visitor numbers increased in June. SwollenPickles.com opened its doors to 26,656 patrons in June, up from 22,302 unique visits in May. The Lindsay Lohan camel toe post continues to be the most popular. I can't even begin to answer why?

3. Develop Digital Burn into a website that can generate $150 per month.

DigitalBurn dropped slightly in June, with earning $94.78 compared to $106.82 in May. The major earners were eBay, via phpBay Pro and Adsense, accounting for around 70% of the revenue. Text-Link-Ads also did ok for June.

4. Develop Digital Burn to the point where it receives 15,000 unique visits per month.

There were 11,228 unique visitors to DigitalBurn in June, down slightly from May, 11,472. This isn't all that bad though considering that the only new post on that site was made on 3 June.

5. Develop Motor Dude into a website that can generate $50 per month.

After passing the target mark in May, the little Motor Dude kicked on in June, passing the $100 mark, making $104.05. Around 50% of the month income came from the eBay partner network in conjunction with phpBay Pro.

6. Develop Motor Dude to the point where it receives 7,500 unique visits per month.

Traffic improved ever so slightly with 1,530 unique visitors in June. I tried a couple of 'general interest' type stories to see how they go... Ten butt ugly concept cars and Getting your drivers licence the first time.

7. Achieve my goal weight of 85kgs.

97kg. Stabilized.

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