Coming soon: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

I heard rumors that this game was on the drawing board but I had no idea that its development was so far down the track. I loved the first Marvel: Ultimate Alliance game, and if the sequel picks up where that one left off then it should be a cracker.

For comic geeks the first Marvel: Ultimate Alliance game it is a must, and is the only game I own both an Xbox and Xbox 360 version of. Word on the street is that Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 will be out some time in the third quarter of 2008.

Nice... now I need a cold shower...

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4 Responses to “Coming soon: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2”

  1. blankshooting: for all your latest news ;)

  2. wow wee says:

    Drools. I’m going to get that for sure!

  3. Lee says:

    Wow, that’s really good news as I love the first one and it’s one of the only games that Tracey will play with me on the PS2 (she also liked JLA).

  4. I missed out on the JLA game on xbox. :(

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