How to improve your Technorati rank

Are you looking to improve your Technorati rank?

A bold experiment

I read an article on Untwisted Vortex detailing how to improve your Technorati rank. RT is conducting an ongoing experiment to determine if blogs participating in the project will experience and improvement in their Technorati ranking as a result.

As RT rightly points out, a blogs Technorati rank is not based on how many "Fans" your blog has.

Your Technorati ranking is basically calculated on the number of incoming links to your blog, whilst the 'Authority' rating is based on the number of blogs that have linked to your blog.

Technorati rank explained

If you're new to blogging and/or haven't heard of Technorati before today then it's time to get yourself acquainted. Technorati can basically be thought of as a tracker of the blogosphere, keeping track of over 50 million blogs. Technorati keeps a track of who is linking to who in the blogging world, and builds rankings in a similar fashion to how Google rank their search engine results.

So basically Technorati gives you something else to worry about in addition to the mythical Google Page Rank. Just as backlinks can improve your ranking in Google search results, backlinks from other blogs increase your overall Technorati rank (which compares your blog to all the others listed in the Technorati index).

For the record, my Technorati rank at the time of writing this is 91,357. Ideally I'd like it to be less than 50,000 by the end of 2008.

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  1. Hi mate

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Plus thanks for letting me know the difference between blog links and links in technorati.

    Just off to check my ranking now 🙂


    Banjo Smyth

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