Win a 4 week holiday with hot blonde on eBay

Want to go on a four week holiday with an attractive looking blonde lass that loves to party?

Well, now you can, if you win the eBay auction that is.

If you want to bid on the auction you can check it out here, as well as more bikini shots of the blonde.

Edit: 03 August 2008, It appears as though the auction has been taken down, lucky I grabbed a quick screen shot before it did its disappearing act.

Is it genuine? Who knows, but it certainly grabs some attention...

I'm putting my 4 weeks holiday in your hands.

I am on holidays on 1st August without a destination, can you help?

Please take me away and show me the best time of my life. I love exotic destinations, warmer weather, beautiful beaches and water sports. But I also love to ride horses and enjoy picturesque countryside.

A new adventure??? I will travel to where my destiny takes me.

What you are bidding for is a vacation with ME, and lets face it, i'm great fun!!!!!

And yes I love to party!!!!!

One catch, you pick up the tab.....

Standard Conditions; Holiday must be taken in the month of August

Just over two days remaining so you better get in quick. If you win the auction, I'd be interested to hear how the holiday went.

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