For fellow fans of flatulence

When someone sends you a video with the title, 'Never trust a fart' do you open it or delete it straight away? It would seem that I am the sort of person that is inclined to hit play. Yes, I am male, and yes, I find farts funny. There it is, I said it, I don't think it will matter how old I am, the expelling of gas will always cause me to snigger.

For fellow fans of flatulence, this little liquidy nugget comes courtesy of Blankshooting - the haiku pervert - enjoy, just make sure you aren't eating when you hit play.

If that Code Brown was a little too extreme for you, you may prefer this example of why modern technology means that it's no longer possible to release a sneaky one.

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  1. Farts are ALWAYS funny – except when you’re stuck in a confined space with some pig who ripped off a really feral one.

    First video looks fake to be honest. Second one reflects something my kids and I have joked about – how funny would it be if when you farted there was a little cloud of coloured gas that came out and hung around you. Different colours for different people.

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