Top 5 referrers for August

It's time to share the love again, here are five blogs that have sent the most traffic to Swollen Pickles in the past 30 days.

Number 1: Michael Gorey from the Mount Gambier area, was also the man in the know when it came to the lawn mower story.

Number 2: Blogpond is still sending me a nice number of visitors, most likely from this blog sitting in the Top 100 Aussie Blogs List.

Number 3: Comicologist it'd seem that no one else loves me, like I love me. I read a George A. Romero comic the other day.

Number 4:
Wormbrain keeps on keeping on, and you should check out his post on Easy Curves. I found it highly educational.

Number 5: Fifth place was a tie between Political Calculations and

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  1. It’s funny because QYDJ dropped to the 100 spot so I’m last on the list – however I’ve never had so many hits off the site!!

    I guess it’s one of the high profile spot (I suspect I’m going to drop off as my Alexa rating has been in decline despite more visitors this month)

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