Top 5 referrers for August

It's time to share the love again, here are five blogs that have sent the most traffic to Swollen Pickles in the past 30 days.

Number 1: Michael Gorey from the Mount Gambier area, was also the man in the know when it came to the lawn mower story.

Number 2: Blogpond is still sending me a nice number of visitors, most likely from this blog sitting in the Top 100 Aussie Blogs List.

Number 3: Comicologist it'd seem that no one else loves me, like I love me. I read a George A. Romero comic the other day.

Number 4:
Wormbrain keeps on keeping on, and you should check out his post on Easy Curves. I found it highly educational.

Number 5: Fifth place was a tie between Political Calculations and

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4 Responses to “Top 5 referrers for August”

  1. blankshooting will reign supreme soon enough. soon.

  2. You’ll get there lil’ fella, you’ll get there…

  3. Lee says:

    It’s funny because QYDJ dropped to the 100 spot so I’m last on the list – however I’ve never had so many hits off the site!!

    I guess it’s one of the high profile spot (I suspect I’m going to drop off as my Alexa rating has been in decline despite more visitors this month)

  4. Nah I’m predicting QYDJ will make a come back this coming update move up the list.

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