How would you feel if you were mistaken for being a member of the opposite sex? I can't speak from experience, but I'm sure it not the greatest feeling in the world, furthermore, it's not exactly the sort of thing I'd want to go to the media to talk about.

Britain's The Sun newspaper are reporting that a 59 year old, short haired, English woman was caught on a speed camera, and subsequently been mistaken for being a man by British Police.

The police wrote to the woman's partner to confirm who was driving.

The letter read: “From the copy of the photograph it appears that the driver was a male.”

Mr Watkins, the woman's partner is quoted:

“I am fuming and Pauline is very upset - any woman would be if they were told they look like a man. I want compensation for the misery and hurt this has caused.”

Here is the speed camera photo. Based on this image alone, I think that perhaps the British Police could be forgiven.

And here's a photo of the woman in question.

Poll time: What do you think, based on the speed camera photo, where the Police justified in suggesting that the driver appeared to be male?

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