Toilet etiquette and mobile phones

Basically everyone I know has at least one mobile phone. The things are every where. Being mobile is good, but it also raises some social conundrums. For me, the biggest of these is, what happens if you are in the lavatory and your mobile phone rings? Do you answer it or do you ignore it?

The reason I'm posing these tough questions is that recently I encountered a strange little piece of toilet etiquette. Whilst I was operating at the "fountain", two "cubicles" were occupied, with gentlemen apparently busy dropping some friends off at the pool. Everything was as it should be, until a phone in one of the cubicles started to ring. The gent that was occupying said cubicle, aka. cubicle guy number one, obviously felt comfortable enough in there to take the call, and proceeded to enter into conversation, not important conversation mind you, the general conversation usually reserved for when people have time to kill.

When it became apparent the conversation was not going to end any time soon, a gruff voice snarled from the other occupied cubicle, "for f***s sake, give it a f***ing rest would you". The phone chatter had obviously distracted cubicle guy number two from the task at hand. Cubicle guy number one promptly ended the call. I chuckled to myself and got the hell out of there.

It got me to thinking. Would I answer my phone while on the can? Or would I carry on a conversation with someone if I knew that they were seated in the house of ease? It's Friday. The day for the tough issues, so here's the poll. This could potentially tell me quite a bit about people that visit here.

You are in the throne room, seated on the porcelain throne, and your mobile phone rings. What do you do?

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