January 2009 goal update

January 2009 has flown by and has had a bit of everything. Holidays, movies, extreme record breaking heat. That's summer for you. Now, walk with me, as we take a look at how I'm traveling in my goal project.

Goal Number One: Develop Swollen Pickles into a website that can generate $350US per month.

A relatively disappointing month in January revenue wise, with Swollen Pickles raising a grand total of $112.77, well under the target. It's becoming increasingly clear that I'm going to have to make some significant changes if I'm going to consistently crack the target. I'm currently considering a redesign. I've sketched a couple of layouts but I can't make up my mind.

Goal Number Two: Develop Swollen Pickles into a website that receives 35,000 unique visits per month.

I almost reached the target in the first month, with 34,032 unique visitors rolling in during January, up on the 27,048 unique visitors from December 2008.

Goal Number Three: Exercise a minimum of three times per week (30 plus minutes per session).

I managed to maintain three 30 minute min. sessions per week throughout January with the exception of the final week when temperatures were well over 40 degrees for a few days in a row. Bottom line, it was bloody hot, and the advice in the press suggested strenuous exercise should be avoided. Hence, I avoided it.

Goal Number Four: Achieve a Body Mass Index (BMI) within the "Normal" range (from 18.5 to 25).

At the start of 2009 my BMI was 29. At the end of January it was 28.7. I'm starting out small but at least I'm starting to move in the right direction!

Goal Number Five: Reduce my waist measurement to below 94cm.

So I've encountered a problem with this goal. I still don't have a tape measure that could be used to measure the waist. It's a problem because I have no real benchmark to start from. I am guessing that I'm still above 94cm by a decent amount.So there are my goals for 2009.

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