The past few days I think I've uninstalled and reinstalled a phpBB3 bulletin board about 30 billion times... ok, 30 billion may be an exaggeration, but you get the idea. A while back I decided I wanted to start a forum to sit under the main site of my pet project Guitar FX Depot. To be honest, the forum had not shown signs of becoming overwhelmingly popular (there were only around 10 legitimate members), but it was functional.

Beginning about a week ago I noticed that the forum was getting a decent number of new members joining on a daily basis. Great, I thought... until I looked more carefully. All the new members appeared to be spammers, either bots or real people, I couldn't figure it out. The board had been live for quite a while without issue, then all of a sudden, whammy! All of a sudden I had members with names like "OnlineViagraSales" and "brxdftoqs", some of whom were posting stuff that would make the average person blush, while others not posting at all.

Seeing as though I hadn't been able to figure out how to mass delete members, I tried installing some anti-SPAM mods and ended up screwing up the board. Much head scratching, and many installs later the board is back, but all posts and member data has been whipped. The one positive out of all of this is that I discovered, albeit a little too late, that I could install and run AutoMOD which made installing phpBB3 mods a whole lot easier. If you are running a phpBB3 board and haven't already, I'd recommend installing AutoMOD, as it makes installing mods so easy even I can do it.

Now, I just need to find a decent anti-SPAM mod and I can start rebuilding. GRRR! I hate spammers.

EDIT (17 JUNE 2009): I've closed comments on this post due to the large volume of SPAM it seems to be attracting. Is it ironic that a post about SPAM attracts so much SPAM? Or has Alanis Morrisette destroyed my comprehension of irony?